Perl Wrapper for the API

Important Notice

The API has been shut down, so this software is no longer functional. Thank you for all the support!

January 2009

This is my newest Perl program. It is a script designed to be integrated into other websites and serve as the backend to whatever magic you can come up with. It works directly with the network. The script allows you to instantly know what has just been played on a particular radio station. It also gives you many other options, and a simple, straightforward way to print all of them. So enjoy, create, and remember to check out the API yourself!

Dependencies: The CPAN module JSON. In linux run 'sudo cpan JSON' and the Windows binary, "Active Perl" should already have it pre-installed.

Download V1.1 - My Terms - API Terms [-v] station-code [num] [format]
-v - Displays the Version and License Information.
station-code - The 4 letter radio-code.
num - The number of songs to display
format - The format to display the info in. HTML ok.
-a - Artist
-s - Song Title
-t - Time Played
-c - Hyperlink to Cover Art
-v - Hyperlink to Music Video
-i - Song Id, used to link to iTunes

Shows the last song played WSUM
Shows the last 4 songs played WSUM 4
Shows the album art of the last song played WSUM 1 "<img src='-c'>"
Shows the last 3 songs played with a link to iTunes. WSUM 3 "-a - <i>-s</i> <a href=''>Link</a>"
Andy R. Schmitz - Creative Commons 2009-19